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These are my own characters - cruel twins)), they should be about eight years old, but they are very clever, cruel and cold-blooded , though for different reasons .. my little evil geniuses!)))

Posted 6 days ago

10 mins fast sketch. Classic painting is not my style (so as a good English) but all in all…Sunflower painted with gouache.

Posted 1 week ago

I’ve watched “Bigger, Longer & Uncut" it was so funny))) But this songs, sooongs SOOONGS!!!!! 0_0

Posted 2 weeks ago

Start watching South Park. )) It’s so awesome!!!
P.S. I hate Cartman so much!!!!

Posted 3 weeks ago

I love this guy))

Posted 4 weeks ago

Awesome game!!!

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Posted 1 month ago

I’m too lazy to finish them…(((

Posted 1 month ago


Snow White is not White 0_0???!!! His skin is so dark for him… Whyyyy???

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